Weekly Trivia


"LaGenoaAires at the Dot Bar & Grill

Q: Sing-along time. I'll start and you give the next line. Here we go: Whatever it takes?
A: I know I can make it through
Q: Next line: If I hold out?
A: If I do

Q: Which university did Paige drop out of?
A: Banting
Q: What type of job did Alex get to help her pay off her Mom's debts?
A: Stripper

Q: Who posted racy pictures of herself on MyRoom?
A: Darcy
Q: So, smartypants, who was the photographer?
A: Peter

Q: What did Sean do to end up in Jail?
A: Hit A Jogger During A Street Race
Q: Who did he race?
A: Peter

Q: Whose birthday party did J.T. attend just before he was stabbed?
A: Liberty
Q: But tell me who was his girlfriend at the time?
A: Mia

Q: What is Mia's daughter's name?
A: Isabella
Q: But it took two -- who is Isabella's father?
A: Lucas

Q: Which Degrassi student's marriage has already been arranged?
A: Sav
Q: Now tell me, which Degrassi hottie gave him kissing lessons?
A: Mia

Q: What instrument does Craig play in Downtown Sasquatch?
A: Guitar
Q: Now, tell me what band invited Craig onstage in the episode 'What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost, Part 2'?
A: Taking Back Sunday

Q: On Marco and Dylan's first movie date, what kind of flick do they see?
A: Zombie
Q: Ok expert, to make Dylan jealous at a dorm party, who does Marco kiss?
A: Craig

Q: Brit pop sensation Natasha Bedingfield performed two songs in the finale of Degrassi's seventh season. Name the first one she sang.
A: Pocketful Of Sunshine
Q: Now, be a sport and name the other song she sang.
A: Unwritten

Q: What's Toby's dad's name?
A: Jeff
Q: Now, how about Ashley's mom -- what is her name?
A: Kate

Q: Tell me, why did Ms. Hatzilakos leave Degrassi Community School?
A: Moving To Take Care of Her Sick Grandmother
Q: But if you really want some vPoints, prove to me that you're not geographically challenged -- what city did she move to?
A: Regina

Q: Do you remember what product J.T. endorsed in a television commercial?
A: Fries
Q: Now, where did JT and Liberty share their first kiss?
A: Detention

Q: Who was Darcy's first kiss at Degrassi?
A: Rick
Q: But to get some vPoints, you'll also need to tell me who Darcy's first boyfriend was?
A: Spinner

Q: Think waaaaay back... Which humanoid of the female persuasion came between Chris and Emma?
A: Liberty
Q: Take some time out from learning another language to tell me which vixen came between Damian and Emma?
A: Liberty

Q: In "Everything She Wants" (episode 721), which character makes his triumphant return?
A: Sean
Q: tell me where Sean wants to meet Snake "tomorrow at 1500 hours"?
A: Gym

"RaiJuku at Gothzilla second floor male mannequin"

Q: the name of the king of Halloween Town.
A: Jack Skellington
Q: Who is vSide's resident goth DJ?
A: DJ Skully
Q: Who died while filming The Crow?
A: Brandon Lee

Q: Okay, well, WHISPER me the name of the show that Gir The Robot Dog appears on.
A: Invader Zim
Q: What's the best Sisters of Mercy album?
A: Vision Thing
Q: I'm not really supposed to talk to customers, so if my boss comes in just be cool. Who's the goth DJ here in vSide ?
A: DJ Skully
Q: Who is NIN?
A: Trent Reznor
Q: Okay, last one for now. What band plays in a cage in the movie The Hunger with David Bowie?
A: Bauhaus

Q: I'll start making them harder. Ready? What's my favorite color?
A: Black
Q: What was the best goth club of all, in London, back in the day?
A: The Batcave
Q: What goth/electronic band's logo is an upside down triangle with a flame on top?
A: VNV Nation
Q: What kind of goths have some bounce in their step?
A: Perky
Q: What do goths wear on both their legs and their arms?
A: Fish Net
Q: Who's black box does red velvet line?
A: Bela Lugosi

"RaiJuku in the iiG Cafe bottom level"

Q: Like this first one RAKIA what jumbled up word is that?!
A: Akira
Q: GNAMA?omg ok I think I know this one, what do you think it is
A: Manga
Q: KIMZAYIA that one looks hard! What do you think it is????
A: Miyazaki

Q: The first one is DAMNGU <blush!> that's what it says! What word is that?(whisper the answer to me please!)
A: Gundam
Q: SOCRMAS hmmm. Whisper what you think the word is!
A: Macross
Q: CETHORBO. Oooh I think I know this one! What do you think it is?
A: Robotech
Q: LINOVENAGE.. sounds like some kind of surgery lol! What word do you think that is?
A: Evangelion
Q: VEECHRIT heheh heheh hehhe omg lol?<covers mouth with hand>.what do you think that spells!
A: Veritech

Q: The first jumbled word is KIMZAYIA?help! Whisper the answer to me please!
A: Miyazaki
Q: ROTOOT?heheh ..hehhe <covers mouth with hand>..what word do you think that is???
A: Totoro
Q: NEONKOOM ... sounds pretty don't you think??? What jumbled word could it be?
A: Mononoke
Q: ASUACIAN. What do you think it is?
A: Nausicaa
Q: TABCUS..ohhh I know this one!! what do you think it is?
A: Catbus
Q: MISGAHISHI do you know what jumbled word that is?
A: Shishigami (jwarrior)

Q: The jumbled word is MAPOLOCH (help! Whisper the answer to me please!)
A: Champloo
Q: URASMIA what word is that?
A: Samurai
Q: NUGEM what jumbled up word is that huh??
A: Mugen
Q: IJN only three letters, too easy! What word do you think that is?
A: Jin
Q: JUNEBAS what word is that?
A: Nujabes

Side Quest Trivia

"LaGenoaAires 2nd floor of DDD"

Q: What was that, are you looking for something?
A: drumsticks
Q: If you know Spinner, then whisper me what's the name of his first band?
A: Downtown Sasquatch

Go to Spinner with the acquired drumsticks and whisper "I've got the drumsticks"